Ayurveda for Coronavirus: Steps to Boost Your Immunity


The world is going through an outbreak. Declared as a public health emergency and a pandemic, the coronavirus has brought people and a number of services under a state of temporary shutdown. The virus is said to spread easily and sustainably through affected regions, which has led to government and health officials recommending self-quarantine of the population. The coronavirus a.k.a the COVID 19 has made people deeply conscious of their health and surroundings.


While the cure for this virus has not yet been found in any of the medical categories, abundant measures are being taken to reduce the spread of the disease in the affected countries. The first and foremost thing to understand is that, not everyone is contracting the virus, and the cases of survival are much more than those of deaths. This means that, with due care about self and surroundings, you can help save yourselves and others from this pandemic. And the best way to stay safe is by keeping yourselves clean, and your immunity up.


Ayurveda can play a great role during this time. Ayurveda does not cure this viral disease. But Ayurveda can build up your immunity, and give you that extra boost to fight any deadly disease. Even if tested positive, a person with greater immunity power has better chances of survival than others.


Ayurveda works with the belief in ‘Ojaz’ – which gives strength, vigor and vitality to the body. In other terms, Ojaz defines immunity. It differs in individuals, and according to Ayurvedic teachings, it determines the factors and influences that can cause diseases in people. Ayurveda treatments are close to mother nature. It makes use of ingredients from the nature to make medicines, to cure and to improve health. Since taken from nature, it has no side effects. This is again an added bonus in times of great mis-understandings in the medical field. Ayurveda works by addressing the root causes of diseases, and preventing and suppressing diseases – exactly what’s needed in this scenario.


The best way to boost immunity is to follow a healthy digestive diet routine, along with regular exercise, and adequate sleep. This is exactly what Ayurvedic doctors vouch for, to live a healthy and long life. Certain Ayurvedic therapies and yoga, increases the metabolism, thereby making life healthier. In times of these contagious gravity, Ayurveda provides the safest route to follow to not be an easy target to any virus, let alone the coronavirus, and to put up an easier fight.





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