Improving health and
giving life

Improving health and giving life



Psoriasis is a result of rapid growth of skin cells that appears in the form of red and dry patches on the skins around elbows, knees and scalp. It appears due to an imbalance in Vata and Kapha, which leads to accumulation of toxins. Psoriasis can be treated with Panchakarma, which is a set of treatment methods used to expel toxic materials from a human body. Besides clearing toxins from the body, it also helps in building immunity. Our specialists at Ayurvalley, recommend the Panchakarma practice based on one’s body constitution, doshas, digestive strength, age and various supporting factors. Our Panchakarma specialists suggest a vegetarian diet plan that helps in clearing toxins from the body and with the application of nourishing herbs, the affected skin gets healed faster.


Eczema or dermatitis (Vicharchika) is a skin disease that results in swelling, redness, flaking and itching. This skin condition occurs due to an aggravation in Pitta dosha which results in an imbalanced immune system. To treat Eczema, our Ayurvedic specialists and experts recommends individualized treatment plans followed with a proper diet.

High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat present in small quantities in blood, which forms a part of cell walls, nerves and brain cells and forms an important part in human body. It is produced by liver and is responsible in building cell membranes, synthesizing vitamin D, hormones, and bile acids. Our treatments at Ayurvalley is focussed on providing Ayurvedic solutions that help in eliminating toxins along with dietary and lifestyle changes.

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