Committed to bring back the legacy
of Ayurveda to make life worth living

Committed to bring back the legacy of Ayurveda to make life worth living

Building on our legacy of Ayurveda

At Ayurvalley, our doctors, therapists, specialists and nutritionists adopt a holistic approach to address any medical condition faced by an individual. Our experienced specialists who have spent many years in treating people with Ayurvedic solutions have been working towards various other natural ways to treat people and help them lead a healthier life. We have been trying to figure out various ways in which, we can make Ayurvedic treatment convenient for everyone. Our in-house facilities have been made available, keeping this in mind. Rooms and treatment spaces at Ayurvalley are equipped with all required facilities, where our doctors and specialists can carry out customized treatment planned for any individual. Besides that, our pharmacy and nursing facilities are available to ensure that everyone can avail Ayurvalley’s services without any hassle.

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At Ayurvalley Clinic, diseases and ailments are treated with utmost care. We take care to make sure that the treatments at our clinics are not very invasive and help patients recover over a particular time frame. In case any individual requires a detailed diagnosis and treatment, our physicians will refer them to Ayurvalley Hospital. Your well-being is utmost importance to us.

– Meppady, Wayanad, Kerala
– Cherambadi, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
– Pandalur, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
– Chungam, Thamarassery, Calicut, Kerala
– Balussery, Calicut, Kerala

Ayurvally hospital

At Ayurvalley Hospital, our Ayurvedic practitioners diagnose a patient’s medical condition by studying and analysing his/her past medical records. Once the medical condition is diagnosed, appropriate Ayurvedic treatments along with necessary therapies, such as yoga, naturopathy and panchakarma treatments, are recommended for the patients.

– Meppady, Wayanad, Kerala

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Experienced Doctors

Our experienced and knowledgeable doctors at Ayurvalley have been successful in curing many people and helped them in leading a healthier lifestyle. While addressing a medical condition, our doctors recommend the right set of Ayurvedic medicines and suggest Yoga practices and Panchakarma treatments that would contribute towards effective healing of an ailment.

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Customized treatment plans

At Ayurvalley, we believe in providing traditional Ayurvedic treatments after a thorough assessment of a person’s body constitution. Based on our assessment, we design a holistic approach towards ensuring complete wellness of body, mind and soul. Our specialists and therapists based out of our clinics, treatment centers and hospitals, not only focus on addressing an existing medical condition but also suggest a remedy to avoid the recurrence of the medical condition in future.

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Experienced Panchakarma therapists

Experienced and knowledgeable Panchakarma experts at Ayurvalley are committed to bring back the legacy and make life worth living. Our specialists at Ayurvalley, personalize the Panchakarma practice based on one’s body constitution, doshas, digestive strength, age and various supporting factors. Our Panchakarma therapists administer and supervise the therapy and ensure that every individual’s treatment is personalized to ensure overall well-being.


Rooms with necessary amenities

The infrastructure at Ayurvalley includes all the amenities required for proper diagnosis. Our treatment rooms are well-equipped to deliver homely experience for our in-patients. Our efforts are focused on providing the best practices in Ayurveda and Yoga for lifecare. Treatment rooms at Ayurvalley have all those facilities required to make our patients feel comfortable during their stay.

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Daily consultation

Physicians at Ayurvalley are available each day to consult patients at our clinics, treatment centers and hospitals. Patients can avail consultation from our specialists, on any day of the week. Our daily consultation facility is aimed at making consultation convenient for outstation patients. Every initiative at Ayurvalley is aimed at bringing the legacy of Ayurveda and promote a healthier and balanced way of living life.


Yoga and Meditation

At Ayurvalley, we complement Yoga with Meditation to ensure perfect healing for any individual. We conduct regular Yoga sessions followed by a separate session for Meditation that works well for overall well-being of an individual. Besides addressing an existing medical condition, we also stress on the required measures for preventive healthcare and recommend changes that could be incorporated to a person’s lifestyle to attain balance in body and mind.


Diet chart

Physicians at Ayurvalley advise an appropriate diet plan for any individual willing to adopt a holistic approach towards overall fitness and wellness. Specific diet plans are prepared for our patients that helps in replenishing the nutrition levels required in an individual’s body. Ayurvalley is committed towards correcting the unhealthy eating patterns and our nutritionists come up with appropriate diet plans that is prepared taking cognizance of a person’s lifestyle and existing medical conditions, if any. Nutritionists at Ayurvalley, chart out a diet plan that balances the nutrition levels in a person’s body and ensure overall well-being.

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Treatment space

We have been making continuous efforts to make people believe in the power of Ayurveda and bring in a new way to live life. Our treatment rooms and wards at Ayurvalley are specially designed to provide a unique ambience and homely experience. It is carried out in very hygienic spaces that are well ventilated with all support facilities. Our treatment facilities have been constructed to ensure that our patients do not face any issues while undergoing treatment at our hospitals or treatment centers.

ayurvedic hospital in kerala

Pharmacy & Care

To ensure maximum comfort for patients, Ayurvalley has its pharmacy facilities within the premises of its hospitals, treatment centers and clinics. Our nursing services are available for 24 hours to ensure maximum convenience for our patients. All Ayurvedic medicines prescribed by our doctors and specialists can be found in the pharmacy centers within Ayurvalley’s premises. We have been working towards all possible ways to make the entire treatment or consultation process convenient for anyone availing Ayurvalley’s treatment and services.

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