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Improving health and
giving life

Improving health and giving life


Recurrent Headache

Headaches indicate that an individual must pay attention to his/her body, mind and emotions. Recurrent headaches occur due to an imbalance in doshas. Ear imbalance, eye problems, food allergies, stress, lack of sleep are some of the factors that lead to headache. We assess a person’s body thoroughly to detect the real reasons behind recurrent headaches.


Migraine is a common neurological syndrome characterized by severe pain around the head, eyes or neck areas. Change of diet, weather conditions, stress are some of the factors that leads to migraine. Factors such as loud noise and light can also stimulate one’s condition. Traditional Ayurveda believes that Migraine could be a consequence of sensitive nervous system and digestive disorder.


Sinuses are cavities within the bones of the face connecting the nasal cavities. The condition of Sinusitis or pinas occurs when the sinuses are blocked with mucus. This condition can occur for people of any age and gender. Sinusitis occurs due to an imbalance in all three doshas. While treating Sinusitis, our specialists work towards removing the negative energies through herbal treatment and dietary changes. We also treat Sinusitis through Panchakarma treatment.


Stress is a universal condition affecting people of any age, gender and has become a part of everyone’s life. Ayurveda and Yoga practices helps in dealing with stress and eliminate it over a period of time. We deal with stress through Ayurvedic treatments, Yoga and Panchakarma practices.

Respiratory Allergy

Respiratory Allergies arise due to over-reaction of immune system to certain substances and react to it in a harmful way. High fever and Asthma are some types of respiratory disorder. External and internal factors such as surrounding environment and heredity can also lead to respiratory allergies. Our specialists cure respiratory allergies by balancing all the three doshas and also advice some dietary and lifestyle changes that works well to strengthen the body.

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