Ayurveda for Old Age: Natural Ways to Stay Healthy

Aging is a natural phenomenon and it is inevitable. Our body and mind go through a lot throughout our lives and it tends to weaken over time. Aging affects us in many ways, from memory loss to the weakening of our bones. Treatment and care are therefore more important than ever in old age.

The following ayurvedic therapies are best for elderly people to maintain good health and prevent age-related diseases.


Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic massage therapy or treatment that is performed to soothe the body, mind, immune system and skin. The treatment involves an ample amount of oil being massaged in the direction in which your blood from your artery flows. It helps in the flow of blood to the most distal body parts.


Padabhyanga refers to an Ayurvedic foot massage using herbal oil. It stimulates some special points on the feet that lead to mental relaxation. Padabhyanga is very commonly used as a precursor to some of the important Ayurvedic therapies.


Greevavasthi is a soothing neck therapy where a generous quantity of herbal oils are retained on the neck to relieve occasional pain, inflammation, and stiffness. The warm herbal oil allows absorption into muscles, ligaments, and tendons, thereby relaxing the neck and healing any underlying conditions, calming pain and stiffness.



Nasya is an ayurvedic treatment which aims at purifying the head region and nasal passages, thereby eliminating headaches, migraines, and sinus related disorders. The entry point of Nasya treatment is the nostrils, which are considered the doorway to the brain.


Kativasthi is a traditional Ayurvedic treatment used for lower backache and disorders of the lumbosacral region, including slip disc, lumbar spondylosis, sciatica, spinal problems etc. Kati Basti helps to strengthen the musculature and lubricate the joints.


Januvasthi means a treatment in which medicated oils are poured and pooled for a fixed duration of time in a compartment or a cabin constructed around the knee joint/joints using wet flour of black gram. It is a pain-relieving treatment for knee pain caused due to various reasons.

Spine Vasthi

Spine Vasthi is a type of Ayurvedic treatment for pain management that focuses on the spine or the vertebral column. It includes the pouring of specially prepared warm herbal oil over the spine area. This Ayurvedic treatment for pain management is used in the treatment of spine stiffness and intervertebral disc prolapses.


Snehavasthi means medicated oil enema. The medicated oil is administered into the rectum with a slight pressure and a gentle motion towards the vertebral column. It is an effective way of curing multifarious ailments. This oil enema is very useful in the cleaning of the colon and detoxification of the entire body. Diseases like rheumatism, lower backache, paralysis, constipation, gout and even paralysis can be capably cured using Snehavasthi.



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