Ayurvedic Hair Care for Monsoon Season Keep Your Hair Strong

ayurvedic haircare guide for monsoon

Monsoon is almost here, so as hair fall, frizziness, scalp problems and hair damage. The excessive humidity in the atmosphere makes it worse. The hair will be at its weakest in this period of time. Monsoon is known to bring out infectious microbes that grow in water. Keeping the scalp wet would cause in dandruff and hair fall. Humid conditions encourage the growth of bacteria and fungi on the scalp, triggering and aggravating scalp concerns such as itchiness, flakiness, excess oiliness and even hair loss. The rainwater, due to various changes in our environment becomes acidic which can cause some damage to our hair. Hair care is critical in the season of monsoon and if it has not cared properly, there will be severe damage by the end of the season.

This article will guide you by bringing out a hair regime to revive your hair during the season of monsoon. If this manual is followed regularly you could protect your hair from damages. Tackle your monsoon hair problems with these simple tips and just love your tresses!


Keep it dry and simple

You may have the urge to get your hair wet in a drizzle, but remember that rainwater is dirty and acidic, which is really bad for your hair. The hair is the weakest when it is wet. Hence it is necessary to keep your scalp dry and clean. Use umbrellas or caps while travelling in the rain. And once the hair is wet, do not tie it, as it will let the tightly held part wet for a longer period. Let it dry first using a blow drier.


Lemon therapy

Cleansing hair in the monsoon is a tedious process. The hair is exposed and hence it is easier to get affected by the humidity. Lemon therapy can solve this problem. This therapy can also reduce hair fall by tightening the scalp pores. Lemon contains lots of astringents and antioxidants that help in cleansing the scalp and tightening the pores. Just squeeze out some lemon juice in a cup of warm water. Mix it well and pour it over your scalp and hair after you take a bath. This will help in tightening the pores which will control your hair fall and will also cleanse your scalp. Let is stay for about 20-25 minutes and gently rinse it off with cool water. Your scalp gets cleaned, and your hair fall is controlled.


Shampoo twice

In the monsoon season, hair exposed can get affected easily. Microbes in the air can get attracted to the hair. Hence it is necessary to shampoo the hair twice in a week. It is easy to catch frizzy, under-nourished hair during monsoon and hence using a good shampoo goes a long way in nourishing your tresses and preventing fungal or bacterial infections. A mild yet deep cleansing shampoo can be used to remove any residue on your scalp left behind by rainwater. In the rainy season, shampoo should be done from root to tip to remove all the particles from the hair. Sulphate free shampoos are recommended as it could further damage your hair in addition to the monsoon woes.


Neat like neem

Neem oil is cooling and clears out accumulated sweat and oil, which cause dandruff and itching. Neem oil massage can be done once in a week to strengthen the hair from the root. Antibacterial neem oil may be mixed in equal parts with hydrating oils like almond or coconut to prevent dehydration induced frizz, breakage and split ends. Bathing in neem boiled water can also be done as it will eliminate bacterial infections with its anti-bacterial properties. Boil some leaves of neem till the water level decreases to half of the original level. Let it cool down, and then just pour it over your head, covering the scalp and your tresses. Then rinse it off with warm water. Try this therapy on your children especially during monsoons, so that they don’t scratch their heads off!


Hair nutrition

Feeding the hair with nutrition is necessary for monsoon season. Healthy hair is less prone to damages and bacterial infections. Honey and Milk hair pack can be the best ever solution to under-nourished hair. Honey contains antioxidants that help in providing nutrition to the scalp and hair. Honey also stimulates the growth of hair. Milk also nourishes the scalp and softens those tresses. Take some milk as per the length of hair and add a few drops of honey to it. Now just gently apply it on your scalp and on the hair, special attention to be given to the ends of your tresses. You can gently massage your scalp as well if you wish to. This pack not only nourishes the scalp, but it also cleanses it from all that dirt and pollution that gets stick to the oily scalp; a major problem during monsoons. Leave the hair mask on for about 30 minutes, and rinse off gently with a mild shampoo.


Drink plenty of water and use wide combs while dealing with wet hair. Avoid using strong shampoos and avoid eating oily food during the monsoon.





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