Yoga for Exam Stress: 5 Poses to Help You Relax and Focus

Yoga Poses Students reduce Exam Stress
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Exam season is right outside your door, and there is no escaping from it. This is said to be the most stressful season of the year where there is never ending revisions, sleepless nights, sore eyes and high mental stress. Even if there is an effective plan, projected time, and blissful ambiance, one may feel blank inside out. This may be because of various factors such as stress, anxiety, poor concentration, memory loss, etc. Such elements do a lot of harm to both the physical health and the mental health of a student.

According to traditional Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation can eliminate these problems. In addition to that, if the student can consume some ayurvedic supplements or herbs such as Brahmi that boosts memory, exams won’t be a menace. Here are some yoga poses you students can master to score better in exams.


For Concentration

While you study for an exam, there will be a tendency to lose the focus. Losing focus or concentration will distract the mind, and as a result, the productivity will be reduced. In order to regulate attention, the best option is to practice Sukhasana / Padmasana. This is not a tedious pose, and one can implement this anywhere with the help of a candle or any other object like a pen or pencil. Sukhasana is a beginner level yoga pose. It is done by holding a candle at one arm length. It should be placed about the eye level when holding. Place the candle such that the flame is stable. Relax your eye muscles and face muscles. Now close your eyes and slowly open them and gaze at the candle flame tip without blinking your eyes. Repeat this five times. When done with the last round, gently open your eyes. Feel the muscles relaxed and tension easy away from the eyes.

This yoga pose will improve your concentration in no time. You can also do this at the exam hall before the exam by holding a pen or pencil instead of a candle. Relaxing your eye muscles will let you focus more and will aid in reducing tiredness.


For Memory Boost

Memory power may decrease when the intake of information exceeds the saturation point. To boost memory, the best yoga pose one should follow is Vajrasana. Vajrasana is suitable for students with memory problems. This is a relaxation pose that eases the tension and benefits the digestive system. Kneel on your yoga mat. Make sure that ankles, knees and toes are close to each other and touching the ground. Keep your spine erect and chin parallel to the ground. Keep your hand on your thighs. Now relax all entire body consciously. Focus on breathing in and out very slowly. Close your eyes for a few minutes.

Vajrasana helps to improve concentration and will power. It will also improve digestion and calms the nervous system if done regularly and properly. With this pose, the memory capacity will increase, and as a result, the students will be able to sit longer during the study time.


For Stress and Anxiety

Even if there is adequate concentration and an ample amount of memory power, if you are having stress and anxiety while you study, you won’t be able to perform well or score more. Stress and Anxiety thus have to be dealt with immense care. Whenever you feel stressed out, try these simple poses:

Breathe in and Breathe out

Breathing exercise is the best to reduce stress while handling an exam. When you feel the pressure, take a moment, sit straight, close your eyes and take a deep breathe in. This should be a slow process. After filling your lungs with the air, let it flow out slowly. This should be done for at least three times. The more the number, the more you feel better. Breathing exercise will let oxygen in and this will regulate the blood flow.


This pose can be done when you feel stressed out while you study for hours. Shavasana is a resting pose where you can lie down on your back with legs together but not touching and arms at sides. Keep your eyes closed and relax. This pose should be retained for a total of 3 -5 minutes. Breaking long hours of study with this pose can let you feel rejuvenated. This pose will refresh your mind and will allow you to concentrate more as it lowers the blood pressure and calms the nervous system.


These poses can work miracles if it is followed daily. Eat on time, Sleep 6 to 8 hours a day and take regular interval in between study lessons to maintain excellent and healthy learning. Exams are no threats; face it with confidence, and you will make it through.

Happy exam season 🙂





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