Young People Mental Health: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

Young People and Mental Health

Mental health is usually unnoticed, yet one of the critical problem faced by today’s generation. When there is a physical condition, people often go to a therapist, even if it is not an emergency, but when it comes to mental illness, nobody cares. The first reason behind it is the lack of awareness about mental health problems. People don’t even know that they are affected by mental health disorders. They consider their daily anxieties and stress as a part of life. The second reason is to stay clean in front of society. People disregard mental health as a severe disability, and they don’t want to expose it to the world. Now in both scenarios, the situation could get worse along with the flow of time. So it is always better to find treatments soon as possible with the right support and care.

Statistics show there are 350 million people who have the mental illness called depression. And the very crucial fact is that it happens in adolescence. Half of this illness begins at the age of 13 to 15, and the youth is unaware of the fact that they have the mental illness. World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October, and this year, the World Health Organization is focusing on ‘Young people and mental health in a changing world’ as the theme. Let this article be an eye-opener to people who are suffering from mental health problems in their day to day life, but never understood that they are actually suffering from an illness. Getting to know more about mental health disorders, let us discuss some among them.



Depression is often considered as a mental state rather than a mental illness. And that is the principal reason why people never accept it as a severe mental illness. People are unable to distinguish between sadness/ grief and depression. But, such daily sadness doesn’t stick for so many days. Depression or depressive disorder shows long-term symptoms, and these symptoms include deep sadness, lower energy, and lack of interests in things and loss of appetite. People affected with the depressive disorder often find negative aspects in daily happenings.


Anxiety seems to be the same as depression, but it can be better described as a parallel road to depression. This is a common mental health issue, and it includes phobias, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and post-traumatic stress disorder which is commonly known as PTSD. People suffering from anxiety could be fearful of things, and they appear a lot withdrawn from daily things. Mostly, these people would show traits such as unresponsiveness and impulsiveness. This could also result in panic disorders and Schizophrenia.

Personality Disorders

Personality disorders are basically depressions but with a higher involvement of personality. People suffering from such disorders show extreme variations in their behavior. Their pattern of thinking is spontaneous, and they could change easily deviate from one mood to another. This disorder can get reflected in their thinking, functioning and even in their behaving. There is different classification to this disorder depending on its nature and symptoms. The ultimate level of this disorder can lead people into psychopaths.


Attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, as its name suggests, is a mental health condition that could showcase hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and disorganization. This disorder is mostly affected to teens of age 12 to 17. Parents often consider this as their childish mischief. Young people suffering from this disease frequently get bored quickly. They fail to concentrate more on one thing and jump over thoughts. The span of attention is short termed, and this could be a reason for their slow learning at school.


One in every ten people suffer from mental disorders. And the most deliberating aspect of this is that it comprises a majority of young people. Identifying mental disorders are hard, and treating mental disorders on later stages is tough. The best thing is to build mental resilience in young people from an early age. One should also consider his mental health along with physical health for avoiding such disorders. With psychological support and awareness, mental disorders can be eliminated. From this World Mental Health Day, invest more time to improve mental health and feel the difference.





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