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Home Remedies to cure Fatigue caused by Summer Heat

Home remedies to cure fatigue due to summer heat

Summertime is notoriously hot and muggy. It drains you out and makes you exhausted. It can even lead you to encounter dizziness, fatigue, headache etc. Summer fatigue may feel common but it leads to a range of health problems. Summer fatigue can affect your daily routine making you feel tired all day, and sleep deprived. This can affect the productivity of a person and can even cause constipation, diarrhoea and giddiness. Summer fatigue is primarily caused by perspiration problems. Body temperature upsurges in hot weather, and the body attempts to cool itself via perspiration. But when exposed to the heat for too long, some people’s bodies become incapable of making such adjustments. And hence fatigue happens. To stop this exhausting weather is of course, not in our hand, but we can reduce its effect with some ayurvedic home remedies.

According to Ayurveda, fatigue is caused by the imbalance of Doshas, and these fatigues are of 3 types – Physical Fatigue, Mental Fatigue and Emotional Fatigue. Summer fatigue affects physically, and hence we are concentrating on physical fatigue. Here we are going to discuss some home remedies that can cure summer fatigue. These remedies give instant relief to tiredness caused due to summer heat and will stabilize the energy.


Basil Seeds and Fennel Seeds

Basil or Tulsi seeds have healing properties. Fennel seeds strengthen Agni without provoking pitta. A concoction of basil seeds mixed in some rose water is known to cool your system instantly. Fennel seeds are also known as a cooling spice. Soak a handful of them overnight in water, strain and drink the water in the morning. This is will keep your body cool and guard you against the heat.


Tamarind Drink

Tamarind is rich in vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Soak some tamarind in boiling water. Strain it and drink it with a pinch of sugar. This decoction lowers your body temperature. Tamarind juice also acts as a mild laxative and helps in treating stomach disorders.


Juice of Coriander and Mint Leaves

Extracting the juice of coriander or mint leaves and consuming it with a pinch of sugar is an easy home remedy to bring down the body heat. According to Ayurveda, these herbs have a cooling effect on the body. Due to its cooling properties, coriander water is also considered as a great remedy for reducing menopausal heat and flushes. In fact, coriander juice can also be applied for soothing hot itchy skin.


Apple Cider Vinegar

Add a few drops of apple cider vinegar in your fruit juice or mix it with plain cool water and honey. This helps in replenishing the minerals and electrolytes that are lost. You may lose minerals like potassium and magnesium through sweating; these can be restored by consuming a decoction made with apple cider vinegar.


Summer takes a lot of water out of your body. So it is always advisable to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and wear shades, umbrella, and hats while going out in the sun. Summer is unavoidable, but fatigue is not!





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