10 Ayurvedic Resolutions for a Healthy New Year

New years are best chosen for habitual changes, and this includes a change in lifestyles, change in priorities, and change in individual habits. These resolutions, when followed for an extended period without delay improve the circumstances around you. And if you are planning to have healthy resolutions with Ayurveda, here is the perfect guide for it!

A healthy, fit lifestyle is something everyone prefers, but they fail to do so because of the lack of proper ideas. Vague ideas on healthy lifestyle make you try different techniques every day, and this doesn’t work often. So in order to make this more beneficial, the first thing to do is to create a regimen of things to do in this course. This should not be changed or replaced with other techniques, as it should be followed accordingly with no pause in-between. As a part of New Year, Ayurvalley is bringing you the best set of Ayurveda resolutions for leading a healthy life. The ultimate benefit of this regimen is that it won’t feel like a scheduled program for your health. These ayurvedic resolutions could make a lifestyle out of it, and it will be a part of your daily habits once you follow it correctly. The more that you can integrate Ayurvedic principles into your life, the easier it will be to stay on the road to well-being.

So here are some pieces of wisdom inspired by Ayurvedic teachings that can help you get an excellent start to what might be your best year yet!

Eat Ayurvedic, fresh and organic food

Cultivating good eating habits can improve yourself in plenty of ways. Rather than changing your diet at once, you can include ayurvedic, natural foods into your daily life. Eating freshly prepared foods can also be considered in this regimen. Ayurvedic recipes and doshic diets can be followed to establish a good eating habit.

Reduce stress

This new year, let us take a step further for a stress less life. Stress, Anxiety, over-reactive mind are to be avoided to create a balance in physical, mental and emotional health. Ayurveda prescribes many herbs that aid in stress relief.

Exercise without strain

Exercise is an essential aspect of a healthy body. This New Year, you can replace your intense, strain full workout with elemental yoga. In addition to the benefits of exercise, yoga promotes a peaceful mind. Yoga helps in balancing the mind and body by eliminating stress and anxiety.

Pamper your skin

Beauty comes from good health. Spend time to pamper your skin by giving regular massages. Hydrate the skin by drinking lots and lots of water. Use Ayurvedic herbal products like turmeric powder, sandalwood powder on your skin to feel healthy outside.

Educate your senses

According to Ayurveda, sensory impressions are crucial to health. To improve physical and emotional well-being, it is necessary to balance sounds, feelings, sights, tastes, and smells. Improve yourself through ayurvedic therapies like nasya, dhara, and shirovasti once in a while.

Tap the power of herbals

Herbs are the primary source of traditional cures. Adding herbs into your diet can improve restorative power and heal your body. Herbs have the power to improve your health with its ability to work on the root cause rather than just treating you symptomatically.

Live in a healthy habitat

Health also depends on the place you reside. Stay where there are more trees so that you could breathe pure, without damaging your lungs. Living in a peaceful ambiance could reduce your stress and will let you feel energetic.

Stay in touch with your inner self

This New Year, find some time to meditate so that you can nourish your inner self. Meditating could improve your concentration power and will help you in reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation could also control your emotions, and it could also assist you in achieving a peaceful life.

Maintain a routine

The best way to make sure that you are on your track is to follow a routine. Set goals for each day and work for it systematically. This will aid in achieving more and will let you stay fit and focused.

Be open to life

Stay young in soul and spirit. Be open to what the world brings, and accommodate its novelties. Try something offbeat, discover something fresh, and let your creativity spur you on to unknown boundaries. Explore the delights of life and notice its marvels. Being happy is being healthy.



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