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Ayurveda for Sleep: 8 Natural Remedies to Improve Your Sleep

Restful Sleep
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The importance of sleep stands out with how we spend almost a third of our lifetime asleep. While the functions of sleep is extensive, balanced sleep is optimal for health. With sleep, our body rests, detoxifies and rejuvenates. The careful regulation of sleep is essential to both cognitive and physiological functioning. Ayurveda identifies the importance of adequate sleep (neither too much or too little). Here are a few remedies to ensure our body does not face inadequate or difficulty in getting sound and balanced sleep.


Oil massages

Abhyanga oil massage has the quality of soothing the nervous system. This induces sleep. Another remedy is massaging bhringraj oil on the scalp and soles of the feet. With additional medicinal properties, these massages calms the nervous system for a well-balanced sleep cycle.


Drink hot milk before bed

Milk is rich in tryptophan which helps induce sleep. Consume it an hour before with a pinch of nutmeg. Adding shatavari (for pitta types), garlic (for vata types) and turmeric (for kapha types) to the milk will give you a restful sleep.


Avoid caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and smoking

Not only do these stimulants lead to diseases, they also disrupt sleep.


Apply essential oils

Massage a drop of Nutmeg oil on the forehead. Sandalwood oil for pitta types are also ideal. A few drops of lavender oil over the bed or the pillow is also beneficial. These essential oils are carminatives which induce deep sleep.

Balanced diet

Maintain good health with a balanced diet. Avoid spicy, sour or heavy foods that lead to indigestion. They tamper with the sleep cycle. Go for a light meal before bed to ensure sound sleep.


Yoga and pranayama

Regular yoga poses and breathing exercises regulates and calms the body.This soothes the nervous system and helps have a thoughtless, deep sleep.



Meditate for 20 minutes before bed. With the vast benefits of meditation, you can induce effective sleep.


Ayurvedic herbs

Tagar, jatamamsi, shankapuspi and ashwagandha are herbs that helps to relax the nerves.


In short, create a balanced mind, body and soul with regular routine and balanced lifestyle. Sleep is as essential as a good meal, and tampering with it is harmful for good health. Sleep at regular routines and give ample rest to your body: what better way to function more efficiently!




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