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Here’s how Yoga can Help to Improve Women’s Health

Women’s Health

Women cater to roles more than one. Be it building a career, or looking after the family, or managing both, women are centered and expected to excel in most of these roles. Women are more prone to stress and anxiety than men. Yoga comes in as a supportive boon to manage and organize daily life, especially for women. In addition to boosting mental health and easing stress, here are some benefits that come with yoga.


Maintains Hormonal Balance

Hormonal imbalance is one of the primary driver for sporadic periods, mood swings, and obesity in women. Certain yoga postures can fortify the hormone-secreting glands and enable them to keep up ideal capacity.

Amid menopause, yoga can enable you to manage the changes experienced by your body. It’ll show you to inhale through hot flashes and de-stress with helpful postures. A normal yoga practice curbs hormonal shift, insomnia, anxiety and depression. Yoga also assists mental concentration.


Anxiety and Stress

Research shows that women are far more likely to suffer depression and anxiety than men. Instrumental in treating these medical conditions, yoga stimulates feel-good chemicals in the brain. By changing thought patterns and mitigating the stress response, yoga is a lifestyle-change best suited for women. The rhythmic breathing and chest-opening poses may have a direct impact on uplifting women’s moods.

Weight Maintenance

Yoga enhances good posture, making you look confident and attractive. When you practice yoga, your core muscles stabilize and you stand taller. This also makes you look thinner. In addition to this, yoga burns calories by enabling in body awareness and engagement of muscles.


Exercise Regimen

Yoga respects your limits. Not at all like many games or wellness exercises, in which the attention is on going more remote or improving the situation, yoga regards – and celebrates – your physical qualities and constraints. Not only does it enhance your flexibility, it also strengthens your core by acting as an effective cross-training.


Lowers the Risk of Arthritis

Those with arthritis might find themselves especially inspired to take up yoga. Women are prone to the onset of rheumatoid arthritis; practicing yoga twice a week alleviates swollen and tender joints. Yoga’s gentle, slow movements provides relief from painful symptoms.




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