Ayurvedic Remedies for Sunburn

Ayurvedic remedies for Sunburn

Summer is at its peak, and temperature has exceeded its limit. At this scenario, spending too much time under the sun can cause severe inflammation to the skin. This skin condition is particularly known as sunburn. Sunburn is caused due to the overexposure to the ultraviolet radiation of the sun.

According to Ayurveda, the people with the pitta type body constitution are more vulnerable to sunburn. Exposing to sun rays can increase the pitta present in the skin. This, on the other hand, reduces the Rasa Dhatu from the skin. This causes sunburn. Rasa dhatu is the nourishing fluid which gives colour, complexion and glows to the skin. Sudden decrement to this fluid could cause severe inflammation to the skin. Along with this, Vata will also get provoked, making the skin dull, dry and dehydrated. If not treated, this could form pigments on to the skin and form dark patches.

It is always recommended to cover your skin while going outdoors to prevent such situations. Also, a good sunscreen can stop you from sunscreens by reflecting out the ultraviolet rays falling from the sun. But in all cases, these are just prevention mechanisms. Once affected, you need to get some treatment before it gets worse. Ayurveda treats the burns by balancing the heat of Pitta. Here are some Ayurvedic tips for treating sunburns.


Turmeric and Sandalwood

Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. And in sandalwood, natural oils are present. These oils will help clear the skin and allow it to glow. Mix equal amounts of powdered sandalwood and turmeric with rose water and apply the paste to the affected area.


Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is touted as the “burn plant,” the perfect natural remedy for a bad sunburn. Aloe vera aids the skin in healing from sunburns and mild burns. Take gel of fresh aloe vera leave and apply it on the affected area. Repeat the process every day for better results.


Tomato Juice and Buttermilk

Tomato juice contains skin lightening properties. Buttermilk tightens the skin and keeps it youthful. The astringent properties in lactic acid help to reduce spots and blemishes. Mix about two tsp of tomato juice and four tsp of buttermilk. Use the mixture on the affected part. Leave it there for about half an hour and then wash it off.


Calamine Powder

Calamine lotion can be used to help stop the itching when skin is sunburned and begins to peel. Cucumber juice will develop a soothing effect while applied to the skin. The paste of calamine powder with rose water or cucumber juice can be applied to the affected area. This offers effective relief to the skin.


Cucumber and Lemon Juice

The cooling nature of cucumber helps reduce the pain and redness of sunburn. Lemon Juice has skin lightening properties. Crush one cucumber into a paste, add two tablespoons of lemon juice and apply onto the skin with cotton. Leave this mixture on for 15 minutes and wash.


Virgin Coconut Oil

Applying Virgin coconut oil on the sunburnt area is another excellent and effective way to reduce the symptoms of sunburn and bring back the lost lustre of the skin. Virgin coconut oil is prepared from coconut milk, so it possesses Pitta and Vata lowering qualities.


These cures can treat burns, but it is always better to prevent than cure. Prevent sunburns by applying a liberal amount of sunscreen before going out in the Sun. Try not to get exposed for a long time in summer days and stay hydrated!



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