Restore your Immunity during Monsoon through Ayurveda

Restore Immunity

Monsoon is when air gets to freshen up. Though the downpour brings some peace from the blazing heat, there could be much more accompanying it. Monsoon is also the season for vulnerable digestive systems and imbalances in mind and body. Monsoon arrives with a risk of numerous diseases, especially the ones related to Vata dosha in Ayurveda. Prevention is the only solution under any constraints and, to make this possible, it is necessary to boost immunity power. Immunity power enhances strength and restrains diseases from getting transmitted. With a holistic process that corresponds to Ayurveda, a source of better immunity can be rationalized and can benefit in evading transmittable diseases.

When it comes to vitality, immunity should be the prime element considering an individual. The resistive system signifies the capability of an individual in fortifying their well-being against physical, emotional, and environmental encounters. With various health indicators, the vitality can be recognized. This significantly includes processes such as digestion, elimination, and other metabolic functions. The ultimate challenge is to improve metabolism, detoxify harmful toxins, support essential nutrients to enter from food along with keeping the body clean and nourished.

Rather than balancing it with pills, drugs or vaccines, the Immune system should be balanced with proper and balanced nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, herbal and mineral support. Several Ayurvedic practices could help in boosting the immune system.


Bath Rituals

Keeping the body clean and nourished is also a part of synthesizing immunity power. Vata dosha can be curbed by taking hot water baths during monsoon. Oil massages could also help in blood circulation. This could also eliminate skin infections at a higher rate. Cleanliness could also be benefiting to the immune system.


Breathing exercises could help in cleansing the physical body and could strengthen the immune response. Practicing Pranayama could develop control over the body and can revitalize pranic energy. Alternate nostril breathing is the prime therapy and with proper posture to regulate the flow of air, a calming effect could be regenerated. Pranayama could also help in enhancing the metabolic ratio, and this will provide natural resistance to the immune system.

Easy to Digest Foods

When the immune system is feeble, there is a higher chance of illness. The absence of nutrition makes the body weak to fight back against diseases. So a balanced diet is the first step in boosting the immunity system. Easily digestible food could get effortlessly converted to ojas and can act as a fighting response. This fighting response radically improves immunity and restores strength. Easily digestible food could absorb more nutrients, and through incorporating herbs such as amla, turmeric, ginger, tulsi, mulethi and ashwagandha, there could be a sufficient increase in immunity with no time.


According to Ayurveda, the primary reason for diseases is the sedimentation of toxins from undigested food. These toxins could not defend the invaders from attacking the digestive system, and this causes illness. Detoxifying is the process where the toxins from the body are removed. The primary step for detoxifying is to sweat the toxins out. Including plenty of deep colored vegetables, herbs and algae in diet plan could also help in accelerating the process of detoxifying. Lacking proper and sufficient sleep, the process of detoxification won’t get to the optimum level. So it is essential to have a track of 7 to 9 hours sleep per night, in a dark, noiseless environment for an improved detoxification process.


According to Ayurvedic Traditions, Yoga and meditation are also important to enhance immunity power. With the supremacy of Ayurveda, let this monsoon be a proactive one!



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